'Snow radiates smiles. I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect with a laughter yoga class as I had never heard of it before, but Snow put the group at ease with some simple yet effective exercises and by the end of the session we were unable to stop laughing! It was a great team building experience and put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.'

Amy Thomas, UK

"Snow is a ribbon of inspiration that can't be replaced. Her individuality and commitment to herself is empowering. Her smile and sense of life is the cake that everyone needs a taste of. Words are not doing me justice here but I will say that I was on the same Yoga teacher training course as Snow and I had the privilege of many great experiences along the way but there was one half an hour in particular that stood out for me. It was a laughter yoga session Snow lead, which will be a swirl in my heart for life. It was brief but the most free and loving 30 minutes I'd felt in a long time. I know I will see Snow grow far beyond expectations of anyone, so one word of advice... Grab her while she laughs! "

Evan Draper ,UK

“Laughter Yoga with Jolly Happy Giggles was a fun yet holistic activity that birthed many giggles and helped my team to bond. "

Alex Pikkolainen, Finland 

" Snow is a bundle of joy and happiness. She is such a nice and warm and cheerful person. Just by looking at her you feel as if your mind, body and soul have been enriched with positive energy.
As far as her classes are concerned, they are just amazing! She can make even the saddest person laugh. I have never experienced Laughter Yoga before but her classes made me realise that there is nothing in the world which can really affect us.. We can laugh even during the darkest moments of our life, as then we realise that the situation was not as bad as we thought it to be..
Laughter is the best medicine and it is absolutely free:) So, laugh as much as you can and just relax and enjoy life.
Take each day as it comes and keep smiling..
I highly recommend Snow's Laughter Yoga classes. They will help you to release all your tensions and worries and make you realise ,how beautiful life is and how important it is to laugh, smile and spread joy all around.. :)) "

Shagun Batra, India


Laughter Yoga with JOLLY HAPPY GIGGLES

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