Laughter Yoga is easy yet very effective and has proved to deliver such benefits as:

Lower level of stress hormones and tension

Elevated mood and increased feeling of joy

Expanded feeling of happiness, bonding, tolerance, forgiveness, generosity, compassion, creativity  

Reduction of shyness

Physical and emotional release

Provides a light-hearted perspective and enables us to view difficulties as positive challenges

Enhances self-confidence

Improves concentration and memory

Boosts immune system

Fun aerobic exercise that stimulates internal organs and improves breathing

Helps with pain management

Slows down the aging process

Breaks down our barriers

Connects and bonds us

Enhances our self esteem

Collapses our need/desire to criticize

Interrupts the power struggle

Diffuses conflict Productivity 

 Creativity Booster

Team Bonding

Enhanced Performance

Positive Attitude 

Positive Work Environment

Improved Health & Wellbeing

Enjoyable Group/ Team Activity


Laughter Yoga with JOLLY HAPPY GIGGLES

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